Alexa Sunshine RoseAlexa Sunshine Rose

"Think: Kate Wolf on Kirtan..."

-Marcia Macomber Millman

Raised in a small town between the mountains, forest and ocean, Alexa Sunshine Rose has drawn her creative inspiration from the beauty of the earth and from her spiritual experiences.

Her songs are born of a prayer for peace to reign on earth, for love to heal the pain, for beauty and grace to dissolve all illusions. After witnessing the transformative power of music in a healing ceremony, Alexa asked for music to come through her, to assist in the healing of the earth and all beings. She began to receive songs the next day. Two years later, with the help of a gracious donor, Alexa was able to record her first full-length CD, "Roses". (Listen here)


Alexa brings deep, prayerful intent with her into performances, creating a safe, transformational space for audience members to remember their hearts. Smooth and melodic, rich and meditative, her music speaks to the peace within our centers; the peace which cannot be affected by any outside circumstance. Her songs weave a strong yet delicate nest of prayer, supporting true remembrance of this peace in all who hear them.


"Listening to Roses took me back 30+ years to Kate Wolf's arrival on on the West Coast folk scene. Alexa Sunshine Rose emerges from a similar depth of spirit, in a world that has since walked over three decades of Earth-centered, yoga- and meditation-informed, Goddess-remembering pathways.

[Like] bushwhacking through the forests, called by Woodstock's Joni Mitchell to "get ourselves back to the garden," Alexa's fresh youth takes our hands and leads us into the parallel world that has been awakening during the crumbling of the old paradigm, welcoming our attention with soft, nourishing soul songs.


'Compassion is not so far from where we are. Forgiveness lives within us; this moment is where it starts.' Weaving Hindu and pagan chants, Hebrew prayer, and original calls of devotion to Gaia and the Goddess, Alexa evokes the Beloved-as-You and as the Divine, and, listening, I feel surrounded by a deep wisdom and loving-kindness. Her rich and gentle voice has a way of inviting a peaceful heart, a settling in to warm fires or pots of tea. With the touch of sweet harmonies, the voice of the cello, her acoustic guitar and the perfectly-placed rhythm of a now-and-again drum, we are summoned to the circle for story and collective remembering, for inspiration on the path of heart. Thank you, Alexa and friends, for this beautiful offering."

-Marcia Macomber Millman
Visionary, Writer, Dancer, LMP

"Alexa's music wraps your heart in velvety layers of pure beauty. A radiant voice [...] full of magic"

-Jen Goff, listener

"Alexa's beautiful, crystal clear voice brings her original work forward; melodies dancing on lyrics of wisdom, truth, love and grace, alive. She is a young woman beyond her years in understanding, honestly living her path, bringing harmony to our hearts and our blessed planet. What a gift."

-Radha Devi, LMP