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"The Flowers of the Waters"

Flower of the Waters Cover

A third full-length album from Alexa Sunshine Rose~ In devotion to the sacred waters; celebrating the beauty of life
that creates & surrounds us!

Featuring Murray Kyle, Shimshai, Sara Tone, Cornflower, Aimee Ringle and more.

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"Created by Sound"

A Capella chants to affirm and strengthen the light, for singing by yourself or with others! This collection is dedicated to all the song-makers out there, to the Singing Alive community.

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"Think: Kate Wolf on Kirtan..."

-Katherine Macomber Milman
Visionary, Writer, Dancer, LMP

"...Her divinely inspired music will sing you to the stars and back again, deep into your own heart."

-Murray Kyle, musician



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Released in May 2009, this album was recorded primarily by Shimshai at his studio in Santa Cruz, Ca. Additional recording done at Synergy Sound in Port Townsend, WA and at Peter Temple Studio in Mendocino, CA.

Accompaniment includes Aimee Kelley Spencer, John Andrew Bliss, Peter Temple, Laurence Cole and others.

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"Living Waters"

Living Waters CD Cover

Released in 2012 with beautiful accompaniment by Murray Kyle, Maesyn, Diane Patterson, Aimee Kelley & other talented musicians on guitar, cello, percussion & harmonies.

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Live from her backyard... :) Alexa sings "Path of Grace" from her most recent CD, "Living Waters." Dedicated to the little one that she is 8 months pregnant with in this video.